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Thanks Cristobal

PostPosted: 2014 Sep 03, 22:34
by Len Wood
It's been a bit quiet on this forum lately.
Hurricane Cristobal seems to have disrupted the hemispheric circulation in our favour.

Max 22.1 C here today.
That is as good as anything we had in August.
Max for that month was 22.5 C on 7th.

Re: Thanks Cristobal

PostPosted: 2014 Sep 04, 19:33
by Stephen Burt
Rather persistent St ( > Sc by day) further east - max 20.3°C here today, quite respectable for early September, but less than an hour's sunshine. I'd swap lower temperatures for 10 hours sunshine at this time of year!


Re: Thanks Cristobal

PostPosted: 2014 Sep 05, 09:24
by Len Wood
Another sunny day here in the west.
That is the third day running.
We are certainly favoured compared with you in the east with your Sc.

Hardly any wind now so very agreeable.
My sort of perfect weather.
Maxes of 20 or 21 C.

Re: Thanks Cristobal

PostPosted: 2014 Sep 05, 19:38
by Nick Gardner
A maximum of 23.0°C here today though the sun was very hazy at times with lots of thin cloud. The sunshine recorder only registered 2.3 hours despite it being a rather bright day.

A warm month so far as summer continues, but nothing unusual for early September.

Just got back from a trip around Portugal visiting the Outlaws/family. There was a bit of a heatwave going on there at the end of August and the 10 or so degrees latitude further south makes all the difference at this time of year with the strength of the sun feeling more like late July here. Left Faro airport yesterday under a beautiful blazing sun at around 60° elevation shining through a deep blue sky making it feel like late June or early July here. It is at this time of the year that the difference between here in Devon and southern Portugal seems the greatest. If you go in the spring time there often seems little difference.