Thursday February 23rd

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Thursday February 23rd

Postby Dave Evans » 2012 Feb 23, 09:25

At 0900;
Temp' 9.3c
Maximum 10.4c
Minimum 6.1c
Grass min' 8.4c
Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0900 10.2mm
Mean wind speed, 7 mph S
Sky obscured by fog
Visibility, 150 m
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Re: Thursday February 23rd

Postby Richard Hunt » 2012 Feb 23, 10:21

Damp underfoot, breezy and mild.

23 FEBRUARY 2012 --- 0900 UTC ---

Current Air Temp: 12.3c
Grass Minimum: 7.6c
Relative Humidity: 92%
Dewpoint: 11.0c
Soil Temp (30cm): 5.4c
Barometric Pressure: 1018.1 mb
Pressure Trend: +0.2 mb/hr.
Cloud Cover: 7/8.
Wind Speed: 14 MPH.
Wind Direction: W.
Maximum Gust: 26 MPH.
Rainfall Today: 0.0mm.
Rainfall Last 24hrs: 0.4mm.
Rainfall This Month: 14.8mm.
Rainfall This Year: 38.8mm.
COL Station: 25020.

Watson W-8681 AWS. Standard Stevenson Screen. Maximum and Minimum screen thermometers. Grass minimum thermometer.
5" Copper standard rain gauge. Roof mounted annemometer.
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Re: Thursday February 23rd

Postby PhilipEden » 2012 Feb 23, 10:25


0900z 260° 11kn 19km 1Ac150 7Ci200 11.4/09.8 1023.4
Notes: Last of the piled-up snow in the zoo car-park disappeared yesterday afternoon

Last 24h
Lodge: max 11.5 min 7.0 grass 6.7 rain 0.5 sun(CS) nil (Instromet) nil
Observatory: max 11.4 min 6.8 grass 6.6 rain 0.5

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Re: Thursday February 23rd

Postby Ken Cook » 2012 Feb 23, 10:33

Hi, All,
Bright skies, horizontal drizzle, damp air and gusty winds yet again. Just one day to go before some improvement with welcome polar air!
Current 23rd 10:20Z, Wind WSW 23KT(Bft 6), vis >10 miles, broken clouds, drizzle, temp 10C dew 9C, 1017mb rising.

09Z-09Z 23rd February 2012
Copley Lead Mill 218m
Max 11.1C min 8.0C
Copley Met O site 253m
Max 10.4C min 7.8C grass 3.6C, rain 0.6mm, sun 22nd 0.0hr

Copley, nr Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham
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Re: Thursday February 23rd

Postby Roland Marshall » 2012 Feb 23, 14:30

Hi All

Obs 0915
Weather:- Cloudy 7 oktas Some dark clouds
Dry bulb 13.0c Wet bulb 11.6c Humidity 84% 24hr Max 13.0c 24hr Min 8.6c Grass Min 7.6c 24hr Rainfall 1.7mm
Barometer 1019.1 Wind 9 mph W
Sun hrs yesterday 0.0 Max gust yesterday 34mph
Current Weather:- 1425 Sunny Elec temp 16.0c (My highest max in February was 17.0c in 1998).

Hull North
Roland Marshall
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Re: Thursday February 23rd

Postby Paul Carfoot » 2012 Feb 23, 18:17

Friday 24th February 2012:

Cloudy and very mild indeed overnight with the temperature rising to 12.0c. At observation, overcast, muggy and damp. Bright and sunny spells developed by late morning and in to the afternoon, turning rather warm for late February, top temperature 17.4c from AWS

Today's readings for the 24 hrs up to 09:00 GMT:

Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday: 10.2°C
Minimum temperature overnight: 10.2°C
24-hour maximum = 12.0°C
24-hour minimum: 8.1°C
Minimum temperature on grass: 10.4°C
Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 28.9 mph. WSW
Rainfall total: tr mm

Current Conditions:

7 Oktas: Stratocumulus, Cirrostratus.
Visibility: about 8 miles.
Temperature: 11.7°C
Wind chill 11.7°C .
Humidity: 89.0%
Dew point 9.9°C
Wind Direction: Force 3 W
Barometer 1021 mb rising.
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