Sunday 26th February

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Sunday 26th February

Postby Neil Johnson » 2012 Feb 26, 07:59

A bit of an unexpected frost this morning, overnight low of 0.1C

Currently Sunny with little high cloud


Neil Johnson,

Midsomer Norton.
Neil Johnson
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Re: Sunday 26th February

Postby Richard Hunt » 2012 Feb 26, 09:07

Damp, bright and cool.

26 FEBRUARY 2012 --- 0900 UTC ---

Current Air Temp: 5.5c
Grass Minimum: 1.4c
Relative Humidity: 94%
Dewpoint: 4.6c
Barometric Pressure: 1027.8 m
Cloud Cover: 7/8.
Wind Speed: 3 MPH.
Wind Direction: W.
Maximum Gust: 5 MPH.
Rainfall Today: 0.0m

Last 24 hrs:

Max Temp: 9.5c
Min Temp: 2.6c
Max Wind Gust: 20 mph
Rainfall: 0.0mm
COL Station: 25020.

Watson W-8681 AWS. Standard Stevenson Screen. Maximum and Minimum screen thermometers. Grass minimum thermometer.
5" Copper standard rain gauge. Roof mounted annemometer.
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Re: Sunday 26th February

Postby Roland Marshall » 2012 Feb 26, 14:52

Hi All

0900 Obs
Weather:- Cloudy 7 oktas . Some dark clouds.
Dry bulb 7.0c Wet bulb 6.2c Humidity 88% 24hr Max 10.4c 24hr Min 4.5c O'Night Min 4.9c G Min 2.2c Rainfall 24hr 0.0 mm
Barometer 1028.0 Wind 1 mph W Sunshine yesterday 4.96 hrs Max gust yesterday 24 mph

Hull North
Roland Marshall
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Re: Sunday 26th February

Postby Paul Carfoot » 2012 Feb 26, 17:32

Sunday 26th February 2012:

A slight frost detected here overnight under clear spells, low –0.4c with –3.1c on the grass. At observation, sunny, still a little ground frost.

Today's readings for the 24 hrs up to 09:00 GMT:

Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday: 10.8°C
Minimum temperature overnight: -0.4°C
24-hour maximum = 10.8°C
24-hour minimum: -0.4°C
Minimum temperature on grass: -3.1°C
Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 27.3 mph. W
Rainfall total: 0.0 mm

Current Conditions:

2 Oktas: Cirrostratus.
Visibility: about 5 miles.
Temperature: 2.3°C
Wind chill 2.3°C .
Humidity: 96%
Dew point 1.8°C
Wind Direction: Force 1 SW
Barometer 1029 mb rising slowly.


Clear spells overnight allowed the temperature to fall low enough for a widespread ground frost, low 0.0c with -4.1c on the grass. At observation, partly cloudy, bright, frost lifted. A dry and bright day followed with sunny spells, mild in the sun, though a keen west north-westerly breeze made it feel chilly at times.

February 2012 so Far

Mean temperature: 3.0c (- 1.2c) of the local average)
Maximum temperature: 17.7c on the 23rd. (local record high.)
Minimum temperature: -8.9c on the 4th (local record low)
Grass Minimum: -11.2c on the 4th
Rainfall = 22.9 mm
Maximum snow depth = 10cm on the 5th.
Wettest 24 hours = 15.2 mm on the 4th (melted snow)
Maximum wind gust: 34.0 mph N on the 14th.

2012 so far

Maximum temperature: 17.7c on the 23rd February.
Minimum temperature: -8.9c on the 4th Feb
Grass Minimum: -11.2c on the 4th Feb
Rainfall = 87.7 mm
Wettest 24 hours, 17.2mm on the 4th Jan
Maximum wind gust: 48.6mph, NW 5th Jan
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Re: Sunday 26th February

Postby Nick Gardner » 2012 Feb 26, 18:32

A glorious day of unbroken, strong sunshine. Barely a breath of wind, making it feel much warmer than the actual temperature.

A crystal clear, calm night gave a rather chillier night than expected.

Min = 1.4°C (07:24)
Max = 12.4°C (13:38)
Rain = 0.0 mm
Sunshine = 9.9 hours.

Monthly sunshine total now up to 88 hours. I had expected this month to easily exceed 100 hours but recent disappointing sunshine levels (22nd to the 25th) put paid to that. The last really sunny February was in 2008 with 135 hours.

(18:30), 8.1°C, RH 88%, DP 6.3°C, 1028 hPa (Steady), Wind calm.
Near Newton Poppleford, Sidmouth - Devon
50:41N 3:17 W; 20 metres AMSL; Station Grade B-BAAA37
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