Tuesday/ Wednesday 3rd/4th April

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Tuesday/ Wednesday 3rd/4th April

Postby Nick Rees » 2012 Apr 04, 21:00

Whilst not up to the usual standards of COL reporting, I have an Oregon electronic weather station that has a temperature/ humidity sensor on my fence and a tipping rain gauge in the middle of the lawn in Hurworth near Darlington, Co Durham. Altitude is 45m above sea level.

From Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning the rain gauge recorded 34.8 mm of rain, a lot of it in a howling NE gale and some of the precipitation falling as sleet and snow with a minimum temperature last night of 0.1 degrees C. Because of the wind it may well be under-recording.

There was little lying snow this morning below about 150m but lots above this level with drifts up to 2m deep around Consett, Co Durham, and on the North Yorkshire Moors.

A quick look at my diary indicates that as much rain fell in those 36 hrs as in the whole of January, February and March at this location!

We have clay soil and the garden hasn't been suffering because substantial quantities of dew have been present thanks to a lot of clear nights and low temperatures. The grass has needed cutting twice so far this spring.
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