Deluge in Exminster 14/4/12

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Deluge in Exminster 14/4/12

Postby Tom Blagden » 2012 Apr 14, 18:00

It was looking like another "nothing" day weather wise until a distinct darkening of the skies commenced around 1330 BST. There followed a thunderstorm with prolonged heavy hail and heavy rain. From 1350 to 1530 19.1mm of rain (or equivalent) was recorded. The hail was so heavy that the ground was white over for a short period. The hail was remarkable in the duration of the storm, it hailed intermittently for about an hour! Rainfall radar shows a succession of heavy showers approaching this region like a conveyor belt between the times mentioned. The outbreak was also exceptionally localised with some Exeter locations only 2 miles NE experiencing very little by comparison. The winds had been steady Easterly up to the event, before veering sharply to the SSW and then becoming light and variable during the rain and hail. This is the heaviest hailstorm I have seen at Exminster since recording started in 2003.
Exminster Hilltop, Devon, SW England
55m AMSL, records from July 2003
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