Friday 01 June 2012

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Friday 01 June 2012

Postby Paul Carfoot » 2012 Jun 01, 09:23

Friday 01st June 2012:

Cloudy and mild overnight with a few spits of rain. The morning has seen no change so far.

Today's readings for the 24 hrs up to 09:00 GMT:

Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday: 15.8°C
Minimum temperature overnight: 13.1°C
24-hour maximum = 15.8°C
24-hour minimum: 13.1°C
Minimum temperature on grass: 10.7°C
Maximum wind gust: MPH (Midnight to Midnight) 17.8 SW
Rainfall total: 0.4 mm

Current Conditions:

8 Oktas: Altostratus, Stratus fractus.
Visibility: about 6 miles.
Temperature: 15.4°C
Humidity: 91.3%
Dew point 14.0°C

Wind Direction: Force 1 WNW
Barometer 1020 mb rising slowly.


Turning cloudy through the early hours, though dry. The day dawned overcast with the odd spot of rain up to observation. A cloudy day followed with intermittent light rain. Cooler than of late.

May 2012:

Mean temperature: 12.0c (+0.6c) of the local average)
Maximum temperature: 26.0c on the 24th
Minimum temperature: -0.1c on the 5th
Grass Minimum: -2.5c on the 6th
Rainfall = 36.2 mm
Wettest 24 hours = 12.6 mm on the 9th
Maximum wind gust: 26.5 mph WNW on the 11th.

2012 so far

Maximum temperature: 26.0c on the 24th May.
Minimum temperature: -8.9c on the 4th Feb
Grass Minimum: -11.2c on the 4th Feb
Rainfall = 285.6 mm
Wettest 24 hours, 17.2mm on the 4th Jan
Maximum wind gust: 48.6mph, NW 5th Jan
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Re: Friday 01 June 2012

Postby greg_gruner » 2012 Jun 01, 17:35

Dry but mostly cloudy here in Paignton. The sun has finally emerged in the last half hour and it is very pleasant now.
Since 00:00
Maximum temperature: 20.7C (at 1747)
Minimum temperature: 13.6C (at 0246)
Rainfall total: 0.0 mm
Mean wind speed/dir: 1.1 mph SSW
Highest gust: 6mph

Current conditions (1830):
Temp: 20.0C
Humidity: 66%
Dewpoint: 13.4C
Wind: 1.5 mph (10 min average) ENE
Cloud: 5/8 Sc (unusually, more cloud over the sea than the land)
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Re: Friday 01 June 2012

Postby Richard Hunt » 2012 Jun 01, 21:34

1 JUNE 2012 --- 2120 UTC ---

Cloudy, light wind and mild.

Current Air Temp: 11.5°c
Grass Minimum: 9.5°c
Relative Humidity: 78%
Dewpoint: 7.7°c
Barometric Pressure: 1021.0 mb
Cloud Cover: 8/8.
Wind Speed: 3 MPH.
Wind Direction: NE.
Maximum Gust: 15.2 MPH.
Rainfall Today: 0.6mm.
Rainfall Last 24hrs: 16.5mm.
Rainfall This Month: 0.6mm.
Rainfall This Year: 249.2mm.
2012. Days with:-

Air Frost: 18
Ground Frost: 32
Snow Falling: 4
Snow Lying: 11
Sleet: 3
Ice Days: 0
Hail: 5
Thunder/Lightning: 1
Fog: 10
Gale: 3
Rain Day (>0.2mm): 30
Wet Day (>1.0mm): 35
COL Station: 25020.

Watson W-8681 AWS. Standard Stevenson Screen. Maximum and Minimum screen thermometers. Grass minimum thermometer.
5" Copper standard rain gauge. Roof mounted annemometer.
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