Monday 11th June

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Monday 11th June

Postby Richard_Griffith » 2012 Jun 11, 10:08

After a very wet night - total Rainfall up to 09hrs this morning = 52.6mm. Unless we get a higher amount this will be a new daily record for June since 2004. The AWS Gauge recorded 52.8mm up to 09hrs.
Hourly totals:- (All times UTC)
20 - 21hrs 10th = 5.8mm
23 - 24hrs 10th = 6.2mm
24 - 01hrs 11th = 7.4mm
01 - 02hrs 11th = 5.8mm
02-03hrs 11th = 4.8mm

Richard Griffith
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Re: Monday 11th June

Postby greg_gruner » 2012 Jun 11, 19:25

The day started overcast, then a short spell of sunshine, then black clouds moved in from the north. There was one rumble of thunder, at 1255, then the heavens opened and 10mm fell in just over an hour, with a peak rain rate of 48.6 mm/hr. Looking at the sat pics and rainfall radar, these storms seemed to form north of Exeter over Exmoor and then move southwards in the gradient wind. I think there was also some convergence with a south coast sea breeze, as at one point Plymouth reported a SW wind. (Another set of heavy showers hit Plymouth).

At my site, the wind, which had been a light NE all morning, died away completely when the storm arrived (an unusual time of day to become calm) and has hardly picked up since.

After the storm, it was dry but mainly cloudy, with another very light shower between 1730 and 1830, after which we had a brief spell of sunshine.

All in all, not a bad day - much better than the weather in the south east! We actually had more rain today than yesterday, though falling in 2 hours instead of 7!

Since 00:00
Maximum temperature: 17.4C (1131)
Minimum temperature: 8.8 (0531)
Rainfall total: 11.2 mm
Mean wind speed/dir: 0.7 mph NE
Highest gust: 10 mph

Current conditions (2020):
Temp: 12.9C
Humidity: 88%
Dewpoint: 10.9C
Wind: 0.8 mph (10 min average) ENE
Cloud: 7/8 Ci + AltCu

June so far:
Mean max: 15.7 (-2.8 on estimated average)
Abs max: 20.7 on 1st
Mean min: 11.0 (0.0)
Abns min: 8.7 on the 9th
Rain: 75.8mm (138% of estimated av. for whole month)
Greg Gruner
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Re: Monday 11th June

Postby Darren Rogers » 2012 Jun 13, 10:19

richard what AWS do you use?

those rainfall comparisons are vvvvvvvgood - just 0.2mm on such a high fall.

was it windy/gusty at the time or just fairly calm?
Darren Rogers
Maulds Meaburn
Cumbria (Half way between Shap and Appleby)
Darren Rogers
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Re: Monday 11th June

Postby Richard_Griffith » 2012 Jun 15, 18:12


My AWS is based on a Campbell Scientific CDL system - the same one the Met Office used until they changed to the MMS system. My AWS gauge is an ARG100 with 0.2mm tip. I was pleased it matched so well the 5" Snowdon Gauge, I usually find the difference between the two gauges varies between 0.2 - 0.8mm. The following day my 5" gauge recorded 12.4mm but the AWS logged 13.2mm!
The wind over the heavy rainfall period was mainly light NE'ly and even in to the 11th only reached around 12 Knots. I do check to make sure the AWS gauge is level - especially after grass cutting etc but it may just be down to wind / airflow.

Richard Griffith
Horsham CDL AWS (Est 1982)
West Sussex
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