Tuesday 12 June

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Tuesday 12 June

Postby Paul Carfoot » 2012 Jun 12, 09:23

Tuesday 12th June 2012:

Cloudy overnight, no further rainfall. The morning saw brighter skeis for a short time before overcast conditions returned from the NW around 08:00 GMT.

Today's readings for the 24 hrs up to 09:00 GMT:

Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday: 13.5°C
Minimum temperature overnight: 9.1°C
24-hour maximum = 13.5°C
24-hour minimum: 9.1°C
Minimum temperature on grass: 8.9°C
Maximum wind gust: MPH (Midnight to Midnight) 11.1 NNE
Rainfall total: 0.6 mm

Current Conditions:

8 Oktas: Stratocumulus.
Visibility: about 8 miles.
Temperature: 10.6°C
Humidity: 87.3%
Dew point 8.6°C

Wind Direction: Force 3 NNE
Barometer 1011 mb rising slowly.


Cloudy overnight with a little light rain towards dawn. The rain died out around 06:00 GMT. The morning to observation has been overcast with the odd short bright

spell. The morning saw now rain here, though only 5 to 10 miles to the south-east of this station it was very wet indeed for the most part of the day. Only light and

intermittent rain fell during the afternoon in this location.

June 2012 so far:

Mean temperature: 12.4c (-1.9c) of the local average)
Maximum temperature: 19.2c on the 10th
Minimum temperature: 6.2c on the 4th
Grass Minimum: 5.1c on the 5th
Rainfall = 56.0 mm
Wettest 24 hours = 16.1 mm on the 3rd
Maximum wind gust: 29.7 mph ENE on the 3rd.

2012 so far

Maximum temperature: 26.0c on the 24th May.
Minimum temperature: -8.9c on the 4th Feb
Grass Minimum: -11.2c on the 4th Feb
Rainfall = 341.6 mm
Wettest 24 hours, 17.2mm on the 4th Jan
Maximum wind gust: 48.6mph, NW 5th Jan
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