Monday 09 July 2012

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Monday 09 July 2012

Postby greg_gruner » 2012 Jul 09, 16:27

Mainly cloudy day, but a brief glimpse of the sun this afternoon brought the temp up to 18.9C. After that we had a very light shower.

Since 0000:
Max 18.9C
Min 13.4C
Rain 0.4 mm
Wind 1.1mph SSW

Current (1725)
Temp 15.7C
Dew point 13.9C
RH 89%
Wind 1.7 mph SSW
Cloud 7/8 Sc and Cu cong

Yesterday we reached 21.6C in a mainly sunny day. Brief taste of summer!
Greg Gruner
Farnborough, Hampshire
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