Friday July 20 2012

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Friday July 20 2012

Postby greg_gruner » 2012 Jul 20, 20:23

Max 19.3C
Min 11.3 C
Rain 0.2 mm (on the edge of a shower at 1230 BST - see my other post)
Wind 0.7 mph variable (SW, W and E) - easterly between 1 pm and 5pm, sea breeze)

Current (2120)
T = 13.7C
Dew = 8.7C
RH = 72%
Cloud 1/8 Ci

Wind 10 min av = 0.7 mph ENE
The dew point took a big drop from 13.0C at 1715 to 8.7C now.

If it stays clear, we could have a single figure minimum tonight (it's happened only once this month so far).

Rainfall so far in July stands at 78.2mm which is 182% of the estimated climatological average for Paington.
With high pressure forecast to dominate the south for the rest of the month, I can't see much more being added.
Greg Gruner
Farnborough, Hampshire
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