Friday July 27 2012

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Friday July 27 2012

Postby greg_gruner » 2012 Jul 27, 19:46

Here in Paignton it was the opposite of the south-east: we were warmer today than yesterday! All down to the wind direction - NNW today compared to E yesterday. And E here is of course a sea breeze...

Today since 0000
Max 24.5C
Min 15.4C
Rain 0.0
Wind NNW 3mph

(yesterday's max was 23.3C)
There was some cloud early in the day but clear after 0930. Now just two bands of Cirrus in the W, stretching North/South.
Visibility improved during the day, in polar maritime air, now up to c 30 miles.

Current (2045)
T= 15.4C
Dew = 9.7C
RH = 69%
Wind 3.1 mph N
Cloud 1/8 Ci

Highest temp of the hot spell was 27.0C here, on Wednesday.
Looks like London is getting a shower just in time for the opening ceremony!
Greg Gruner
Farnborough, Hampshire
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