Fine weather in NW Scotland

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Fine weather in NW Scotland

Postby Eddy Graham » 2013 Jan 19, 13:39

Hi folks

As a near complete contrast to all the snow and cold weather down south (and east), here in Stornoway, we've been having some lovely weather past few days, a bit of a cold southeasterly wind, but bone dry with lots of sunshine and not a flake of snow.

At morning obs today, Sat 19/1/13 (09h00), past 24 hours
Min: 2.0degC
Max: 3.2degC
Precip: NIL
Wind: ESE F4-5
Sunshine hours (est): 7 hours

Stornoway Airport's as follows (4km east from Stornoway Town, beside the sea)
Min: 2.1degC
Max: 4.1degC
Precip: NIL
Sun hours (18h00 17/1 to 18h, 18/1): 5.5 hours (sunniest in the UK).

Despite the temps staying well above freezing, the few remaining puddles are freezing due to evaporative-cooling effect.Yesterday morning from a vantage point on Stornoway Golf course, I could see 50 miles (80km) east to the mainland of NW Scotland, and there was a classic stratus "foehn waterfall cloud" descending the peaks of An Teallach, Suilven, Canisp and Foinavon -just like I used to see during foehn events in Bern, Switzerland when I lived there some years ago.

Pity we're not getting any snow - the kids would love some - out of the past 4 winters here in Stornoway, the present one is by far the least snowy (no snow lying days yet, only 3 days of snow falling so far, well below normal -we had over 50 days of snow lying in 2009/10).

Eddie Graham
Stornoway Town COL station 04004
Eddie Graham
Stornoway, Na h-Eileanan an Iar (Outer Hebrides), Scotland.

Stornoway town COL station, 20 AMSL, local records back to 1873.
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