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Thunder in the south-east

PostPosted: 2013 Jul 17, 18:41
by greg_gruner
For the last 45 minutes I have heard thunder here in Farnborough, though no lightning and no rain yet. Looking at the Met Office rainfall radar, the main storm seems to be to the north near Bracknell, with some areas in white showing >32mm /hour.

Also, today I recorded 31.0C in Farnborough, the highest so far of this hot spell.

Re: Thunder in the south-east

PostPosted: 2013 Jul 17, 21:20
by greg_gruner
We had a few drops of rain as the storm moved SW from Bracknell, but nothing more than a trace

Re: Thunder in the south-east

PostPosted: 2013 Jul 18, 07:16
by Stephen Burt
Two claps of thunder and a shower of remarkably large drops of rain here 1705-30z yesterday, 0.2 mm in all (by TBR).

Temperature fell 8 degC in 30 minutes from 29.7 °C at 1700z; at 1730z the temperature was still 29°C at the university in Reading, just 10 km away (where no rain fell), and 22°C here.

The storms were kicked off by convergence and additional moisture along a sea breeze front. At 1730z, with a fairly brisk southerly surface wind, the lowest layers of cloud could be seen moving from the north-west, above the sea breeze boundary layer.

Not enough rain to even dampen the ground - it evaporated upon striking the hot ground surface. Less than 1 mm so far this month here and 186 h sunshine to sunset yesterday; we should surpass the July sunshine average today or tomorrow.