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PostPosted: 2013 Jul 29, 20:17
by greg_gruner
Thunder heard from 1840 -1930 here in Farnborough, accompanied by a heavy if brief shower, max rainfall rate 80 mm/hr, total 4.6mm. I observed lightning and through the good old counting method determined that the nearest strike was approx 1 mile away.
Temperature dropped from 23.0C at 1730 to 16.1C at 1900.

Re: Thunderstorm

PostPosted: 2013 Jul 29, 20:59
by Richard Hunt
Had a couple of thunderstorms here today also.

From around 1300~1640 UTC thunder and lightning with heavy squally showers.
6.6mm of rainfall from 1300~1700 UTC, with a rain rate maximum of 8.4mm/hr at 1548 UTC.
No large temperature drop, although it did fall from 22.0c to 21.0c as the storm passed over.

Observed a few CG strokes and some scud cloud, plus rotation of the cloud base when the strom passed over.

Plenty of towering Cumulus visible today.

A few miles inland (not at my station) hail showers with the thunder aswell.

Currently its a nice mild evening with a light breeze and scatterd cloud.