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SE Dorset ... and still it rains!

PostPosted: 2014 Jan 04, 13:01
by Martin Rowley
... as of now (04/1300Z JAN 2014), total rainfall over past 30 days = 243 mm: the 'wet' began of course on 13th, so that rainfall has actually fallen in a lesser time.

Using a crude average over that period (1981-2010) I estimate that we're running at ~230-240% of 'normal'. It's not the sort of weather you want to be trying to sell plots on mobile-home parks round here, which tend to be sited on low-lying ground adjacent to rivers. There are at least three hereabouts either totally or partially evacuated - some since Christmas Eve.


Re: SE Dorset ... and still it rains!

PostPosted: 2014 Jan 04, 22:30
by Stephen Burt
Similar story here, Martin -

Since 13 December, and including today's fall to 21h, we've received 172 mm - in 23 days. If it coincided with a calendar month it would be the wettest month I've recorded in my 42 years records.

The 1981-2010 average for this site for the period 13 Dec to 4 January is 57 mm, so this represents 302% of normal.

Today's prolonged rainfall once again caused considerable flooding on local streams, but not as bad in the village as Christmas Eve, which itself was some way below December 1989, October and November 2000 and July 2007's flood levels. The larger rivers - the Kennet and the Loddon - are already well over their floodplains, and by the time today's runoff reaches them and the Thames, there's bound to be even worse flooding downstream.

Not to mention the interesting series of very deep depressions responsible for it all, of course - the latest at 935 mbar in mid-Atlantic tonight would be a 1 in 20 year extreme, if it had not already been bettered just before Christmas.