04FEB2014 .. Active few hours

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04FEB2014 .. Active few hours

Postby Martin Rowley » 2014 Feb 04, 11:09

... After a wet evening & early part of the night (3rd/4th), we were 'attacked' by the string of heavy showers (some sort of convergence line) that came off the Channel from circa 05Z this morning, and continued off and on until very recently (last heavy shower 1030Z). The radar shows the activity decaying as the next shield of cloud / area of stabilisation ahead of the next (major) cyclonic development comes our way - probably changing the low-level forcing/trigger flow as well.

There were two 'flash-bang-gone', single-discharge thunderstorms between 0620 and 0735Z, but with those there was only slight rain: however at 0745Z there was a short/sharp moderate shower of rain/hail mixed - small component of hail with that one .... but between 0815 & 0825Z there was a much more active Cb cell with moderate/heavy rain and a substantial element of small hail - which covered all surfaces for some time - drifts of hail running off the roofs. Caused problems at the 09Z ob of course trying to get the hail to melt - but with careful management sorted it out - 11mm combined in the 24 hours to 0900Z/4th.

We could really do without any more rain for a couple of weeks - the soil is thoroughly saturated - but it looks as if we're going to get at least another 10 mm, probably more, of PPN next 24-30 hours.

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