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Storm Force winds - West Cornwall

PostPosted: 2014 Feb 04, 19:30
by Graham Easterling
Electricity's on at the moment, though it isn't in many parts of Penzance. Recent gust of 87mph at Land's End, mean speed reached 61mph (F10). Gusts > 90mph on Scilly. Strongest winds for a few years.

Plenty of sirens from the prom area, probably due to flooding - the sea was splashing over at low tide, but I'm not venturing out this time. A large chunk of tree recently landed in the garden, fortunately missing the Stevenson Screen, numerous smaller bits of debris have hit the windows.

All bus services in west Cornwall now suspended, many roads blocked including both main routes into Penzance. The number of trees down in west Cornwall probably in 3 figures. A30 into Penzance closed due to debris on the road. Last train due into Penzance appears to have hit a tree near Lostwithiel. A good deal of damage at Newlyn Green on top of the damage caused Monday morning.

Really severe this time. Newlyn live todal data

On a lighter note ... aign=1490-

Re: Storm Force winds - West Cornwall

PostPosted: 2014 Feb 15, 08:35
by Peter Walker
At 12.19am we recorded a gust of 41mph, equalling the record set on 28/10/2013.

We lead a sheltered life in Southend.