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Teesdale snow line

PostPosted: 2014 Feb 11, 18:43
by Ken Cook
Hi, All,
Temperatures have been in a narrow band since December in Teesdale, ranging from approximately 6C to -1C at Copley village level (about 1,000ft). Consequently snow has been lying in higher Teesdale for much of the winter as it has never been really mild.
The snow level has been drawing closer to us for some weeks now but only fell to station level a couple of times in January. This morning (11th) we had 4cm and it was lying down to 500ft. Snow is falling again now (18Z 11th) and measuring 5cm with temperatures just below 0C.
The forecast for the next few days is again for temperatures around 0C to 5C and the snow level will react accordingly but the higher ground above 2000ft should remain white throughout.
To many in upper Teesdale this has been quite a snowy winter!

Re: Teesdale snow line

PostPosted: 2014 Feb 13, 15:25
by Graham Easterling
I noticed that the snow depths on the Scottish mounains are quite exceptional, Glencoe currently reporting 400cm on the upper runs. Let's hope it doesn't melt too quickly!

In Penzance so far this winter 23 days with hail, 7 days with thunder, both new records. In a thunderstorm at 11:30 today we had large hail, then sleet as the temprature plumetted.

Re: Teesdale snow line

PostPosted: 2014 Feb 13, 23:08
by Stephen Burt
There can't be many years when Penzance gets sleet/snow before southern England, but (to date) I've not seen a flake of the white stuff (not even the slushy stuff) so far this winter!

Within the last 41 years every winter has had snow or sleet recorded here at some stage; since my local records began in 1973 the latest 'first date' has been 16 Feb (in 1992), and the next-latest 11 Feb (in 1973). So if we don't see any snow or sleet in the next three days, that'll be another sort of record - for here at least ...