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PostPosted: 2014 Apr 20, 15:04
by greg_gruner
I heard thunder here in Farnborough at 1030 BST this morning. Initially I wasn't sure, as here we get aircraft noise and the sound of military firing from Ash Ranges, but I checked the lightning plot from the Met Office and it seems as if an active band of thunderstorms passed to the north of here, moving north-westwards. At the time the rainfall was only light; we have had much heavier rain in the last hour (but no more thunder).

Re: Thunder

PostPosted: 2014 Apr 21, 19:23
by greg_gruner
Another storm today between 1700 and 1730. It seemed to pass to the north, with only about 2.5mm of rain here

Re: Thunder

PostPosted: 2014 Apr 29, 15:23
by greg_gruner
Flash of lightning at 1255 BST today, followed by very loud rumble of thunder (counted as 1.5 miles distant).
Apparently this strike was in Camberley, where three men were struck by lightning and taken to hospital: ... ey-7048935

Fortunately no fatalities or serious injuries.

I have recorded about 5mm today in the thundery showers, and the monthly total now at 67mm.

PS Another rumble of thunder now (1615 BST), not as loud.