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Number of forums

PostPosted: 2014 Aug 12, 12:49
by Admin
Sorry I haven't been around for a while; I have been involved with a business activity in which there is always something more urgent!

Current Conditions and Daily Discussion:
The reason for creating these two forums was as follows. When this bulletin board started, a number of members liked to present their whole ob -- all 25 or so elements -- sometimes twice a day. These long postings were like hogging the conversation, as on any given occasion only one or two elements might be of interest, and I got very irritated with having to page through them to get to the interesting items (amount of rainfall from a front, unusual clouds, temperatures higher than elsewhere, notably high dew point, etc). Therefore I tried to phrase the guidance such that the people who liked to chew through the whole weather picture at a given station at a given moment could find what they wanted in "Current conditions", while the rest of us would find all the interesting short-term events under "Daily Discussion".

It appears that the long tabulations have now ceased, and the many interesting items about today's weather are finding themselves divided arbitarily between 2 forums. I agree with you that this is confusing, as the titles of the forums are rather similar and do not make the point clearly (although the description of the contents of the forums are meant to make that point). As a result, there is now no need for the forum Current Conditions. I propose therefore to close the forum 'Current conditions' and advise members to send all postings related to weather events of today or a recent day to the forum "Daily Discussion".

I do think it is worth making a distinction beween a)Comments on today's weather and b) Longer-term phenomena like long spells, comparisons of seasonal or annual rainfall, frequencies of frosts in different places. Therefore I favour maintaining the separate forum "Everything else weatherwise" (although a change of title might be helpful?).

Regards, Peter.

Re: Number of forums

PostPosted: 2014 Aug 12, 18:31
by Len Wood
Good decision.
One which I fully support.

I don't think anyone is rushing to the forum to post 'Current conditions'.