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Purging of threads

PostPosted: 2012 Aug 25, 10:12
by Angus Tyner
Is it still the case that some sections have auto delete of threads after a certain period of inactivity?
I would like to know if this has been fixed? So that the threads remain indefinitely.

There is nothing before end of June (for last post) in Everything Else Weatherwise section and early May in Daily discussion

Re: Purging of threads

PostPosted: 2012 Aug 27, 18:02
by Admin
Angus: I did look into this, and found that for some forums the purging had been unintentionally left on. I cured the problem, I think, and posted a note in the Announcements forum on July 31.

I hope that the date limits you observed were purged before I had made that correction. But thanks for noticing, and if you notice it happen to any later dates, please mention it. (Sorry, but there's no way of testing whether the correction has worked until the problem doesn't happen!)

Re: Purging of threads

PostPosted: 2012 Aug 28, 07:41
by Angus Tyner
Thanks for clarifying. I overlooked or forgot the announcement which of course had already answered my query.

It was not anything recent that prompted my query so hopefully as you anticipate, it is fixed.

Re: Purging of threads

PostPosted: 2013 Dec 28, 13:39
by Peter Wright
This is just a test posting to investigate subscribing.