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Far too many Forums

PostPosted: 2014 Jan 30, 20:33
by Graham Easterling
I find it difficult to know what to post under, and clearly others have the same problem.

Currently the 1st topics in the 3 weather categories are:-
Current Conditions - 'Records Tumbling
Daily Discussion - 'Winter Deluge'
Everything Else etc. 'Wet January'

I think having to search 3 forums to read all the posts on essentially the identical topic demonstrates how ludicrous the current situation is. I'm also sure it's preventing people from switching to the COL forum from say USW. It certainly irritates me. I did say much the same around 18 months ago, and the net result was yet another forum!

PLEASE Administrator, reduce the number, if only to make your Penzance correspondent a happy man!

Re: Far too many Forums

PostPosted: 2014 Jan 31, 16:42
by Len Wood
Agree to some extent Graham.
With respect to the authors, reading the material in 'Records being broken' is better suited to Daily discussion or Everything Else than in Current conditions.
Martin has used the Current conditions correctly as I see it. He reports mainly on what is going on at the moment on the day.

There is unfortunately often overlap between Daily discussion and Everything Else.

Re: Far too many Forums

PostPosted: 2014 Jan 31, 17:57
by Martin Rowley
... I'm on (and off) record as agreeing with Graham: but we've been round this loop a couple of times and there seems to be little support for any change - so I try and make do with the system as it's set up.

What I do - and it then mimics to a certain extent a newsgroup - is to use " View active topics " which cuts down a lot of the switching between areas - and only then need to go from the 'top' when I start something new - but for example, I recently posted re: my daily rain (in daily discussion), but also (logically I thought) related that to the longer-term record. It would be better to have an all-encompassing 'weather-whatever' area, leaving equipment, board management, COL matters etc., as separate areas.

But I'm keeping my head down :-)


Re: Far too many Forums

PostPosted: 2014 Mar 16, 08:08
by Angus Tyner
Just adding my support to this.
In the 3 forums there are about 600 topics spanning nearly 2 years. About one a day. It makes sense to have them all in the one place.
Perhaps there is an option to categorise posts as a filtering option? A sort of half way house.

If and when there are plenty of topics per day then think of dividing things up.