August 2014 - The First Half

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August 2014 - The First Half

Postby Nick Gardner » 2014 Aug 15, 18:44

That glorious warmth of July has ebbed away during the first half of August, especially through the 2nd week. Day maximum temperatures haven't been too bad and are running above normal but the coolness of the nights, especially recently have come as quite a shock. Even more so when you consider that the warmest nights of the year usually occur around now and on until the middle of September. Because of the cold nights, the mean temperature is currently below my estimated LTA for August.

And it has been wet too with well over the entire month's rainfall already recorded. Sunshine hasn't been too poor despite the rain and is currently running around average.

(1st - 15th)
Mean minimum = 11.1°C
Mean maximum = 22.1°C
Mean = 16.6°C
Rainfall = 67.1 mm
Sunshine = 107 hours.

The drought-like conditions that existed for much of June and July have long gone and the Devonshire countryside is starting to turn green again.

Another very cool night coming up.
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Re: August 2014 - The First Half

Postby greg_gruner » 2014 Aug 15, 20:18

Much the same here in Farnborough, though not as much rain as you. I had to water the garden throughout July, but not in the last week!

1st - 15th here:
Mean minimum = 13.0°C
Mean maximum = 22.8°C
Mean = 17.9°C
Rainfall = 38.5 mm
Sunshine (estimate)= 91 hours.

Rainfall is 73% of the monthly LTA, so well above normal so far.
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Re: August 2014 - The First Half

Postby Stephen Burt » 2014 Aug 16, 18:30

A slightly cooler but much wetter than normal first half here - sunshine near normal, mean pressure well below:

August 1-15th
Mean max 22.0°C, 1.1 degC below daily-based average for the period (0.3 degC below mean for whole month)
Mean min 11.0°C, 0.5 degC below daily-based average for the period (0.2 degC above mean for whole month) )

Highest screen max 25.0°C on 7th; lowest screen min 8.0°C on 3rd; lowest grass min 3.7°C on 3rd

Total rainfall 61.3 mm, 213% of daily-based average for the period (already 112% of mean for whole month)
Total sunshine 101.4 h, 103% of daily-based average for the period (and 49.6% of possible)

Mean MSLP 0900z 1009.5 hPa, 7.0 hPa below daily-based average for the period (7.6 hPa below mean for whole month)

All averages refer to 1981-2010.

Probably the most remarkable feature is five days with thunder in the first half (including four days in five 10-14th) - equalling 2011's annual total here!

Stratfield Mortimer, Berkshire - central southern England
51.4°N, 1.0°W, 60 m AMSL, station grade A - AAAA47R
Records commenced here 1987 - local records available back to 1862
The Weather Observer's Handbook:
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Re: August 2014 - The First Half

Postby Richard Hunt » 2014 Aug 16, 20:39

(1st - 15th)
Mean Minimum = 13·5°C
Mean Maximum = 20·8°C
Mean = 17·2°C
Anomoly = +0·3°C
Rainfall = 74·1 mm

Thunder heard on four days.

Lowest August air pressure for ten years with 986·9 mb on day 10.
COL Station: 25020.

Watson W-8681 AWS. Standard Stevenson Screen. Maximum and Minimum screen thermometers. Grass minimum thermometer.
5" Copper standard rain gauge. Roof mounted annemometer.
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Re: August 2014 - The First Half

Postby Graham Easterling » 2014 Aug 17, 14:50

Penzance (1st-15th)
(Variations from the norm for the whole month)

Mean minimum = 12.9°C (-0.6)
Mean maximum = 20.2°C (-0.2)
Mean = 16.6°C (Identical to Nick, just a smaller diurnal range)
Rainfall = 81.4 mm (109%)
Sunshine = 112 hours (64% ) - Camborne figures

So wet, rather cool, but also still sunny overall.

A pictorial record of the month so far

Penzance Weather Station
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SW464231 - Post Code: TR18 4TP
19m AMSL - Aspect SSE
In a SE - NW orientated valley

23 Years of Penzance Weather Records :
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Re: August 2014 - The First Half

Postby Len Wood » 2014 Aug 17, 15:22

1st to 15th

mean max 20.5C
mean min 13.6C

rain 69.8 mm (already over the average for the month of 67.4 mm)

The northerlies that Bertha initiated mean the max is struggling to reach 20C and the min has dropped to 11 or 12C.

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Altitude 83 m asl
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