Errors in Met O on-line monthly summaries

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Errors in Met O on-line monthly summaries

Postby Martin Rowley » 2014 Aug 21, 14:40

... In the Bulletin (June & July), Bob Prichard points out a serious failing in the summary for June regarding thunder activity night 13th/14th. In essence, the on-line summary available on the Met O web site here .... ... /2014/june

makes no mention of the significant activity that night - which caused serious problems due lightning damage. It appears, however, that one part of the outfit isn't speaking to the other as this is the relevant section in the Daily Weather Summary, issued by the Met O Library (but presumably written elsewhere) ...

" Summary of UK Weather for Saturday 14 June 2014. Through the early hours, thundery showers over central Wales and the Bristol area moved south-eastwards and
continued to intensify. There were numerous reports of thunder and lightning, and rainfall totals increased as the storms progressed, notably in the Reading area. "

It could be argued that this still doesn't fully capture the activity, but at least it's better than the on-line version.

Bob asks - no doubt with an exasperated thump of his keyboard - 'where do we go from here'? Even after the error was pointed out, the original text hasn't been updated. And as noted in this month's Bulletin, there are more errors in July.

I think all we can say is that we (COL) must just keep on, keeping on! What is more worrying is that the Met Office is /the/ final arbiter for insurance claims verification - if you make a weather-related claim, your insurer will (in cases of dispute) rely on these records. A strange state of affairs.

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Re: Errors in Met O on-line monthly summaries

Postby Graham Easterling » 2014 Aug 23, 20:26

Sadly the MetO rarely correct mistakes brought to their attention.

They currently have forecasts for St. Mary's Airport ... 1408834800 and St. Mary's heliport ... 1408834800 . Even though they are the same place and the helicopter serviced ceased some time ago.
As they are the same place, it's strange that the forecasts frequently differ, gives you choice I suppose.

I once questioned the occasional forecasts of very good/excellent visibility on the coast of west Cornwall during a F7 or F8. (In reality it's typically poor/moderate due to sea spray). Apparently the forecasts were correct, as they do not allow for sea spray, even though in a gale it covers much of Cornwall.

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