SE Dorset ... heading for superlatives!

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SE Dorset ... heading for superlatives!

Postby Martin Rowley » 2014 Nov 30, 21:19

... the high number of thunder heard days in this part of England has already been discussed: in summary, 2014 will turn out to be the most thundery year hereabouts for at least four decades.

But, as we end yet another month with much-above average temperature (provisionally +1.3C on 1981-2010 eLTA here in West Moors) based on the Hurn record, both temperature and rainfall totals for this year are worthy of comment:

As of 30th November 18Z SYNOP data ... the (provisional) mean temperature for the year so far is 12.0degC.

In a record that starts in 1957, the warmest full calendar year was 2006 [value 11.3degC]; if December has just an average temperature figure (either 1971-2000 or 1981-2010), then this year's figure will exceed that by a couple of tenths.

As of 30th November 18Z data [ several instances of failed sensors, but combining MetO estimates and my own adjacent readings, I think I've got a reasonable figure ] the total rainfall for this year so far is 1154 mm.

In the record that starts in 1957, we are already in our third wettest year, and it only wants another 38 mm to achieve second-wettest status (2000); unlikely to trouble the wettest though, which occurred in 1960 [1252 mm]

By a wider measure, the CET record is also heading for 'record' levels - perhaps ending up as *the* warmest year in that very long data set; but of course, if the predictions of the Daily Express come to pass - we can probably forget that one :-)

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Re: SE Dorset ... heading for superlatives!

Postby Nick Gardner » 2014 Dec 01, 19:45

For here in south east Devon (1st Jan - 30th Nov):

Mean temperature = 12.6C
Rainfall = 999.7 mm
Sunshine = 1860 hours.
Thunder days = 21.

Temperature: the average for 2013 (1st Jan - 30th Nov) was 11.4°C, so this year has been substantially warmer overall than last year.

Rainfall is rather above average (due to a wet winter) but certainly not exceptionally so. It is not going to be as high as 2012 (1370 mm); we had a very wet summer then whilst this summer was dry.

A slightly above average year for sunshine so far but will not beat 2010 (2019 hours), though it has already beaten last year for sunshine (1824 hours) despite the 328 hours recorded in July 2013.

Most thunder days I've ever recorded anywhere.
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