Massive Atlantic Swell for Wednesday

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Massive Atlantic Swell for Wednesday

Postby Graham Easterling » 2014 Dec 07, 09:16

. . the Atlantic is winding itself up.

Take a look at and go forward to next Weds. A large area of the N Atlantic with a swell of around 50' or so. The period is shown at ... Type=PERPW . It's not often you see charts like that. A more normal track than last year when the largest swells repeatedly powered into Cornwall.

Rather a good simple analysis at ... ntic/7017/ (you may have to click the 'more' button to read the article)

For the outer Hebrides surfing beaches the predictions show a primary swell of > 50' with the surf height of around 40'. The strength of the wind causing the surf to be blown out and limiting it's height. Down in Portugal the primary swell might be a fair bit less at around 15' at the best spots, but, with far less wind the surf height will exceed this and probably exceed 20' at times.

Inbetween, in Cornwall (Sennen) the primary swell peaks at an unexceptional 17', but made much more notable because of a 21 second period. (The predicted surf height is similar.)

Exciting times for those interested in the sea.

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Re: Massive Atlantic Swell for Wednesday

Postby greg_gruner » 2014 Dec 07, 20:44

Very interesting. All driven by an east-west jet of up to 200kts. The orientation is different to last winter in that the jet is E-W and further north, whereas last winter it was often aligned SW-NE and steering lows across the UK. The Azores High is holding. So this means very deep lows near Iceland and the strongest winds in the north.
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