January 2015 Stats

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January 2015 Stats

Postby Eddy Graham » 2015 Feb 03, 22:11

Hi everyone

I see some folk have already posted a mix of a January data, so I thought I'd try to start a regular monthly item tonight - soon after the end of each month (and before the COL bulletin is ready), I'll try to post my Stornoway Town stats for the previous month and maybe a photo or two as well. As I'm sure you'll all appreciate the weather is often VERY different here to the rest of the UK!

So here goes for January 2015.

Mean max: 6.5C
Highest Max: 10.6C on 9th and 25th
Lowest Max: 1.5C on 13th
Mean min: 1.3C
Highest Min: 6.9C on 1st
Lowest Min: -2.2C on 20th
Mean: 4.2C
Difference of mean from average: -0.2C (1873-2010 mean, Stornoway town area), -0.7C (Stornoway Airport 03026, 1981-2010 mean. N.B. 03026 is yards from the sea, so often quite different from town)

Precip Total: 250.7mm (192% of the long-term Stornoway area 1873-2010 mean, 167% of the Stornoway Airport 1981-2010 mean- the latter is usually a much 'drier' site by 20-25% compared to sites near the town)
Wettest day: 29.6mm on 8th (i.e. to 09h00 on the 9th)

Lowest grass: -6.7 on 20th
Thunder 3
Hail 20
Snow Fall 19
Snow Lying 10 (greatest since Dec 2010)
Grass Frosts x
Air Frosts 4
Raindays 29
Wetdays 25

So overall: A another remarkable month in Stornoway, notwithstanding the hurricane of the 9th. It was exceptionally wet (2nd wettest month I have recorded here since arriving in 2009), and the number of snow lying days (10) was greatest since Dec 2010. Three (3) days of thunder was also noteworthy.

This month's photo actually comes from yesterday (2nd Feb), taken at lunch-time on the Stornoway Golf course, looking east towards the Scottish mainland (on a clear day, the peaks of Suilven and NW Highlands can be seen; Obviously, the trees shown didn't get blown over in the hurricane! - though many were...).

tn_2015-02-02 13.25.04.jpg
tn_2015-02-02 13.25.04.jpg (39.87 KiB) Viewed 478 times

I won't add the longer comment fields here, as these have mostly been expressed in previous posts - but in future I might do so (if not too verbose). Please feel free to reply to this and post your own data (if you haven't already done so) - thanks

Eddie Graham
Stornoway town
27m altitude
Eddie Graham
Stornoway, Na h-Eileanan an Iar (Outer Hebrides), Scotland.

Stornoway town COL station, 20 AMSL, local records back to 1873.
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Re: January 2015 Stats

Postby Richard Hunt » 2015 Feb 04, 07:55


Absolute Minimum: -3.7°C – Day 18
Highest Minimum: 5.6°C – Day 09
Mean Minimum: 1.4°C

Absolute Maximum: 15.2°C – Day 10
Lowest Maximum: 2.5°C – Day 18
Mean Maximum: 7.5°C

Mean: 4.5°C

Anomaly: -0.2c

Grass Minimum: -7.5°C – Day 30
Daily Maximum: 8.4mm – Day 31
Monthly Total: 23.3mm
Rain Days >0.2mm: 17
Wet Days >1.0mm: 05
Maximum: 1032.8mb – Day 04
Minimum: 0971.4mb – Day 29
Mean (0900UTC): 1006.4mb

Mean Relative Humidity: 73%

Minimum Relative Humidity: 47% - Day 10

Mean Wind Direction: South south west

Mean Wind Speed: 9.0 MPH
Maximum Wind Gust: 45 MPH – Day 15

Days with:-

Air Frost: 8
Ground Frost: 17
Fog: 0
Thunder/Lightning: 0
Snow Falling: 4
Snow Lying: 4
Hail: 1
Gale: 4
Ice Day: 0
COL Station: 25020.

Watson W-8681 AWS. Standard Stevenson Screen. Maximum and Minimum screen thermometers. Grass minimum thermometer.
5" Copper standard rain gauge. Roof mounted annemometer.
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Re: January 2015 Stats

Postby Nick Gardner » 2015 Feb 05, 20:48

I think I've posted my stats relating to a different thread but here goes:

Summary for January 2015

Very mild until the 16th then cooler but overall the month ended up slightly warmer than average. Sunnier and a little drier than normal with only 12.7 mm of rain falling during the 2nd half of the month (16th - 31st).

Mean Max: 10.1ºC
Mean Min: 3.2ºC
Mean: 6.7ºC

High Max: 16.3ºC 9th
Low Max: 5.7ºC 22nd
High Min: 9.7ºC 1st
Low Min: -3.9ºC 23rd
Grass Min: -6.4ºC 22nd

Rain Total (gauge): 73.2 mm
Total Monthly Sunshine: 105.0 Hours
Near Newton Poppleford, Sidmouth - Devon
50:41N 3:17 W; 20 metres AMSL; Station Grade B-BAAA37
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Re: January 2015 Stats

Postby greg_gruner » 2015 Feb 06, 16:02

Here's the January figures for Farnborough, with comparisons from the estimated LTA (based on the Met Office climatological figures for Farnborough)

Mean Max: 8.3 (+0.6)
Mean Min: 0.9 (-0.4)
Mean: 4.6 (+0.1)

High Max: 14.5 on the 9th
High Min: 8.7 on the 9th
Low Min: -6.0 on the 23rd

Rain Total (gauge): 52.3mm (77%)*

Days with:
Snow falling 4
Snow lying 1
Thunder 1
Fog 1
Small hail 1
Large hail 0

Temperature wise, it was a month of two halves that averaged out to very close to normal.

* Note that my gauge tends to under-read due the proximity of the house (further from the house would be under tree branches, so I'm stuck!)
Greg Gruner
Farnborough, Hampshire
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