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Short audio recording of Stornoway Hurricane (9 Jan 2015)

PostPosted: 2015 Apr 24, 22:27
by Eddy Graham

On the evening of the Stornoway Hurricane (8-9 January last), I had originally hoped to take some video footage of the event from the upstairs window of my home here in Stornoway town. However, as soon as the power went and the full severity of the storm bore down upon us (from about midnight onwards), even I quickly retreated away from the window, as I judged it to be simply too dangerous (among many things, we feared the whole roof was about to tear off). However, I inadvertently left my camera running for a full 5 minutes at the height of the storm sometime between 1am and 2am. There is no visual imagery (the screen is simply black due to the night/storm) but I realised recently that the audio file might prove valuable. Tonight, I managed to extract a portion of the audio file itself and post it on Youtube.

You can hear it at (with the backdrop of a few photos of damage to trees in Lews Castle grounds in Stornoway.

Bear in mind that this recording was made using a small camera, located some distance from the double-glazed upstairs window of my home (facing north-west, so not directly facing the westerly hurricane winds) - this is the sound that we had to endure inside the house (the roar from outside is barely audible - but it was quite frightening). It is only a short snippet (and actually best listened to without the imagery) - I hope you find it of interest.

Eddie Graham