April 2015 Stats

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April 2015 Stats

Postby Eddy Graham » 2015 May 03, 19:23

Stornoway town:

Mean max: 10.5C
Highest Max: 15.5C on 5th
Lowest Max: 5.5C on 26th
Mean min: 4.2C
Highest Min: 8.0C on 7th
Lowest Min: +0.3C on 28th
Mean: 7.35C
Diff (STY): +0.7C (1873-2010), +0.25C (SYY, 1981-2010)

Precip: 66.0mm (93% [1981-2010] / 89% [1873-2010])
Wettest: 11.3mm on 13th

Lowest grass: -1.9 (27th)

Thunder 0
Hail 4
Large Hail: 1
Snow Fall 7
Snow Lying 2
Grass Frosts 8
Air Frosts 0
Raindays 19
Wetdays 13

Notes on the month:
An often cold but bright and sunny month, Two mornings with lying snow were the greatest on record for April (of the 7 years that I have been at this address). Precipitation total of 66mm was the driest and the first month to have a total of less than 100mm since September 2014. Total of 20 days of snow lying this past winter season is highest since winter 2010-11. It is noted with interest that, following the stormy winter, sea temperatures in the immediate North Atlantic at ~55N have fallen considerably since early winter and are now some 1-2C below average for the time of year.
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Re: April 2015 Stats

Postby Richard Hunt » 2015 May 03, 21:26

APRIL 2015

Absolute Minimum: 0.2°C – Day 27
Highest Minimum: 10.2°C – Day 25
Mean Minimum: 4.4°C

Absolute Maximum: 20.5°C – Day 24
Lowest Maximum: 8.4°C – Day 03
Mean Maximum: 12.7°C

Mean: 8.58°C

Anomaly: -0.8c

Grass Minimum: -3.5°C – Day 27
Daily Maximum: 3.6mm – Day 29
Monthly Total: 14.4mm
Rain Days >0.2mm: 11
Wet Days >1.0mm: 04
Maximum: 1036.0mb – Day 21
Minimum: 0999.4mb – Day 25
Mean (0900UTC): 1019.8mb

Mean Relative Humidity: 62%

Minimum Relative Humidity: 24% - Day 28 *site record*

Mean Wind Direction: South west

Mean Wind Speed: 5.1 MPH
Maximum Wind Gust: 40 MPH – Day 12

Days with:-

Air Frost: 0
Ground Frost: 9
Fog: 2
Thunder/Lightning: 0
Snow Falling: 0
Snow Lying: 0
Hail: 2
Gale: 1
Ice Day: 0
COL Station: 25020.

Watson W-8681 AWS. Standard Stevenson Screen. Maximum and Minimum screen thermometers. Grass minimum thermometer.
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