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June mean temperatures

PostPosted: 2015 Jun 13, 21:19
by Richard Hunt
MEAN MAX: 16.8c

MEAN MIN: 7.7c

MEAN: 12.23c

ANOMALY: -2.4c

Air Frost: 0

Ground Frost: 0

So far my coolest JUNE in ten years.

June mean is 14.6c for this station.

Re: June mean temperatures

PostPosted: 2015 Jun 14, 09:35
by Nick Gardner
June 2015 here (1st - 13th):

Mean minimum = 8.9°C
Mean maximum = 19.7°C
Mean = 14.3°C
Rain = 14.8 mm
Sunshine = 108 hours.

Currently about 1 degree below my very estimated LTA (for the entire month) mainly due to a run of cool nights at the beginning of the month. Though given that the 2nd half of June is usually somewhat warmer that the first half, this is probably an unfair comparison.

Judging by the forecast for the next 7 - 10 days, this month might soon end up with a +ve anomaly.

June 2014 ended up a warm and sunny one:
Mean minimum = 11.4°C
Mean maximum = 22.0°C
Mean = 16.7°C
Rain = 34.7 mm
Sunshine = 260 hours.

Re: June mean temperatures

PostPosted: 2015 Jun 16, 21:08
by Eddy Graham
And an extremely cold June night here in N Scotland last Saturday, 13th-14th June, with many sites recording air frosts:
-0.3C Altnaharra
-0.4C Aviemore
-0.2C Loch Glascarnoch
and I think -1C at Braemar (and possibly a few lower readings elsewhere from Climat stations)

Here in Stornoway at Lews Castle (a frost hollow site, but also the same site as the earliest temp recordings in Stornoway during the late 19th century), I measured a min temp of-0.2C, the lowest June temperature in the Stornoway area since 2/6/1888 - 127 years ago! But in the town it was less extreme, with a min of +2.4C at my COL site near the crest of a hilltop close to the town centre. Stornoway Airport's low last Sat night of +1.6C has only been breached on 7 occasions since 1940 - although the most recent occasion was as far back as +1.4C on 10/6/1986 (again, I hasten to add that Stornoway Airport's temp record remains unhomogenised, despite significant site changes over the decades since observations began there in the 1940s).

Eddie Graham, Stornoway
p.s. Sorry I wrote the wrong dates above in the original email, of course it was overnight Sat 13th/Sun 14th (not 6th/7th as said earlier)

Re: June mean temperatures

PostPosted: 2015 Jun 29, 18:50
by Richard Hunt
The June average is increasing slowly but surely.

MEAN MAX: 17.9c

MEAN MIN: 9.3c

MEAN: 13.6c

ANOMALY: -1.0c

Re: June mean temperatures

PostPosted: 2015 Jun 30, 19:15
by Nick Gardner
In the end this June has ended up with practically spot-on mean temperature though the days were warmer than average whilst the nights were much cooler than average. It was also sunnier and drier than normal.

June 2015:
Mean minimum = 9.8°C
Mean maximum = 20.7°C
Mean = 15.3°C
Rain = 26.6 mm
Sunshine = 256 hours (up to 20:00 today).

A rather lovely month with 20 days reaching at least 20°C and no sunless days.

Re: June mean temperatures

PostPosted: 2015 Jul 13, 22:40
by Eddy Graham
Apologies for the rather late posting (I have been away..)

June 2015 stats for Stornoway Town:
Summary: Yet another miserable, wet, dull and cold month in Stornoway - we are at the rock-bottom of climatological anomalies here at present.

Mean max: 13.6C
Highest Max: 19.6C on 30th
Lowest Max: 10.8C on 2nd

Mean min: 8.0C
Highest Min: 11.6C on 30th
Lowest Min: 2.4C on 14th

Deviation from average: -0.6C (1873-2010), -0.7C (SYY, 1981-2010)
Lowest grass: -0.6C (1st)

Precip: 106.9mm (167% [1981-2010] / 172% [1873-2010])
Wettest: 27.0mm (21st)

Provisional Sunshine total at Stornoway Airport: 93.6hrs (56%)

Thunder 0
Hail 1
Large Hail: 1
Snow Fall 1
Snow Lying 0
Grass Frosts 3
Air Frosts 0
Raindays 21
Wetdays 16

Particular notes on days/month:
Local air frosts on morning on 14th. Visible sleet seen in a shower on the evening of the 14th.
May & June combined were among the worst two ever recorded in Stornoway (in terms of excess precipitation, dullness and coolness).

Re: June mean temperatures

PostPosted: 2015 Jul 14, 19:14
by Nick Gardner
Eddy Graham wrote:June 2015 stats for Stornoway Town:
Summary: Yet another miserable, wet, dull and cold month in Stornoway - we are at the rock-bottom of climatological anomalies here at present.

Sorry it's been so bad up your way. Maybe July and August will bring better weather.

Your post got me thinking. When I go abroad, people assume that the British Isles are one climate. I suppose as an official classification it is one climate - martime temperate.

I remember reading a while back on the USA's Government website regarding the UK, it seemed (as they all do) that the climate was uniform throughout the UK but the comment that stood out the most was that 'half the days are cloudy'. I presume they mean sunless. I find this hard to believe even in the cloudier parts of the UK. Here, I have recorded only 1 sunless day this summer so far and just 15 sunless days this year. That's less than 0.8%.

I once was at a wedding in Lisbon in early September. The weather was unusually cool and cloudy requiring many of the women to have to borrow the jackets from the men because it was so chilly. Then the rain started and it was a miserable day - cold and wet. As soon as it started raining the wedding guests all looked at me (being the only British person) saying the weather is like Britain, you must feel at home! The fact that I had never experienced such a cold and wet day so early in September in Devon didn't convince them, let alone me telling them that parts of the South East of England gets around half the annual rainfall that Lisbon receives. I was wasting my breath.

Re: June mean temperatures

PostPosted: 2015 Jul 15, 23:18
by Eddy Graham
Hi Nick

Thanks for the comments!

Well really, our weather here in Stornoway is often strongly anti-correlated with S/SE England, especially when there's a persistent SW pattern of 'Azores high ridging NW to France/S. England' - it's happened before for long periods (e.g. 1990) and no doubt will happen again!

As the British Isles stretch across 11 degrees of latitude (750 miles N-S), it shouldn't be surprising that the weather is highly variable, especially during 'zonal' (westerly/southwesterly) regimes. That being said, I fully expect a reversal of meteorological fortunes either sooner or later... it's just a pain that this onshore regime hasn't really given up since last December (it usually turns easterly for a few weeks during every May-June, but failed to do so this year).

Two of the practical consequences of the poor weather:
- The ground remains fully saturated here (it's impossible to sit down without getting your bum wet!) -it hasn't dried out since last year
- Many people are complaining of lack of vitamin-D syndromes, extended coughs, chesty colds and flu (it's hard to quantify this initially, but I believe it's worth a study)

Eddie Graham, Stornoway town