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Rainfall - August 2015 - East Dorset

PostPosted: 2015 Aug 31, 10:37
by Martin Rowley
... using provisional / ex-SYNOP data for Hurn (Bournemouth airport), the total PPN for August 2015 up to 31/0600Z = 136.0 mm: this represents just over 260% of the 1981-2010 LTA.
If this figure is confirmed, then it will beat the 133.6 mm set in August 2011, which until this year, was the wettest August in the 1957+ Hurn record.

[ And associated with this feature, sunshine has also been lacking this month: roughly 75% of the LTA with gloomy skies and occasional light rain outside as I type this (1040Z/31st). ]


Re: Rainfall - August 2015 - East Dorset

PostPosted: 2015 Aug 31, 20:31
by Graham Easterling
162.9mm in Penzance. This is the 3rd wettest August in my 25 year record, after a massive 236.9mm in 1997 and 183.3mm in 1992.

Also a cool & dull month. Inland sunshine totals are approx 100 hours less than last year. E.g Bosullow (on the moors behind Penzance) 220 hours in 2014, just 120.8 hours this year.

The immediate coasts have done a good deal better, but still significantly down on normal. The difference in amounts of sunshine between the coasts & just a mile or so inland has been exceptionally marked for some weeks. Fair weather Cu forming just a few hundred yards inland on even the better days being the norm. A pictorial record from the tip of Cornwall

Mainly sunny day today in Penzance, 10.4 hours even up on the moors at Bosullow. Much more cloud just a few miles up country at Camborne.

Re: Rainfall - August 2015 - East Dorset

PostPosted: 2015 Sep 02, 10:46
by Dick Lovett
Meanwhile Martin, up here in NW Oxfordshire it has been a drier than average August with a total of just 44.4mm (73% of the 1981-2010 LTA).