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August 2015 Stats

PostPosted: 2015 Sep 01, 20:33
by Eddy Graham
Stornoway town stats for August 2015

Notes on the month:
At last a month with near average conditions! Temperatures were near average, total precipitation was just below average (~95%), total sunshine was also just below (~90%).

Mean max: 16.1C
Highest Max: 22.5C on 23rd
Lowest Max: 12.8C on 26th
Mean min: 10.3C
Highest Min: 13.8C on 24th
Lowest Min: 5.8C on 17th
Mean: 13.2C

Difference from local averages (Stornoway town long-term series): +0.3C (1873-2010), -0.3C (Stornoway Airport, 1981-2010)

Precip: 81.8mm ( 97% [1873-2010], 91% [1981-2010])
Wettest: 16.3mm (26th)

Thunder x
Hail x
Large Hail: x
Snow Fall x
Snow Lying x
Grass Frosts x
Air Frosts 0
Raindays 26
Wetdays 18

Sunshine (OGIMET, Stornoway Airport): 112.4hrs - 87% of 1981-2010 normal

Notes on particular days:
Air temperature unusually stayed above 14.0C for 37 continuous hours on 23rd-24th in an inverted (upside-down) warm sector - on the 23rd, a high of 22.5C was recorded, the warmest day of the year, with 25.5C at Lusa on the neighbouring Isle of Skye. On the same day in polar air to the south, Casement (Dublin) recorded a max of only 14.1C!

Eddie Graham, Stornoway

Re: August 2015 Stats

PostPosted: 2015 Sep 01, 21:33
by Richard Hunt


Absolute Minimum: 7.1°C – Day 16
Highest Minimum: 17.0°C – Day 21
Mean Minimum: 12.5°C

Absolute Maximum: 25.4°C – Day 03
Lowest Maximum: 14.1°C – Day 18
Mean Maximum: 20.4°C

Mean: 16.45°C

Anomaly: -0.3c

Grass Minimum: 3.5°C – Day 17
Daily Maximum: 19.1mm – Day 18
Monthly Total: 62.9mm
Rain Days >0.2mm: 11
Wet Days >1.0mm: 11
Maximum: 1026.1mb – Day 12
Minimum: 0997.5mb – Day 26
Mean (0900 UTC): 1013.0mb

Mean Relative Humidity: 69%
Minimum Relative Humidity: 38% - Day 27

Mean Wind Direction: South West
Mean Wind Speed: 4.8 MPH
Maximum Wind Gust: 28 MPH – Day 26

Days with:-

Air Frost: 0
Ground Frost: 0
Thunder/Lightning: 0
Snow Falling: 0
Snow Lying: 0
Hail: 0
Gale: 0
Ice Day: 0