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Sunny September 2015

PostPosted: 2015 Sep 27, 18:24
by Nick Gardner
After a cloudy July and a very dull August, the sunshine has returned this September.

As with yesterday, a day of unbroken sunshine from dawn until dusk making it the 7th cloudless day this month.

Monthly sunshine total now at 191.4 hours and tomorrow should see the total exceed last year's quite sunny September.

Despite all the sunshine so far this month, it has been a cold one with a mean temperature now at only 13.9°C. It has been the chilly nights (as with the rest of this summer) that are responsible for dragging the mean temperature down. The days have been around average for the last few months.

The cool summer has not hampered this year's grape harvest from my 6 vines. I have just picked enough grapes from 1 vine only to make 3 gallons of wine even with losses due to the wasps getting in there first. The bunches of grapes are large, beautifully compact, juicy and very sweet. The white grapes ( 2 vines) are the only ones left to pick.

The cool summer has had an impact on the olive tree which has only produced olives the size of small peas, not worth bothering with this year which is a shame.

September sunshine:
2014 = 195 hours
2013 = 122 hours
2012 = 164 hours
2011 = 164 hours
2010 = 193 hours
2009 = 185 hours
2008 = 143 hours
2007 = 187 hours.

Re: Sunny September 2015

PostPosted: 2015 Sep 30, 18:10
by Nick Gardner
The month ended with another day of unbroken sunshine from dawn until dusk making it the 5th consecutive cloudless day.

Monthly sunshine total = 224.7 hours, that is 61% of the total possible and puts this September in the rather sunny category by my reckoning.

Annual sunshine total now at 1590 hours. To this date last year the sunshine total was 1638 hours.