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September 2015 Stats & Summary

PostPosted: 2015 Oct 04, 21:28
by Eddy Graham
Stornoway Town, 04004, September 2015:
At last a dry and mostly settled month! With 37.7mm it was the driest month since March 2013 (which had 35.6mm). But total sunshine was only just above average (provisionally 105% at Stornoway Airport) due to large amounts of onshore low cloud during final anticyclonic week.

Mean max: 14.6C
Highest Max: 18.9C on 10th
Lowest Max: 12.2C on 3rd
Mean min: 9.1C
Highest Min: 13.8C on 12th
Lowest Min: 5.7C on 14th
Mean: 11.9C

Diff (Stornoway long-term series 1873-2010): +0.55C; (Stornoway Airport recent 1981-2010 series): +0.1C

Precip: 37.7mm (35% [1873-2010]; 34% [1981-2010])
Wettest: 7.8mm (20th)

Lowest grass: x
Cloud cover: 73%
Thunder 0
Hail 0
Large Hail: 0
Snow Fall 0
Snow Lying 0
Grass Frosts 0
Air Frosts 0
Raindays 18
Wetdays 10

Sunshine (OGIMET, Stornoway Airport): 111hrs - 105%

Eddie Graham, Stornoway, Scotland