Cumulative rainfall totals - Hurn (SE Dorset)

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Cumulative rainfall totals - Hurn (SE Dorset)

Postby Martin Rowley » 2015 Oct 06, 08:24

... A parochial view of the precipitation: the submitted graph shows rolling totals over three periods for Hurn since 1957: 10, 12 and 24 months. The 10 and 12 monthly data show the 'peakiness' as would be expected, but the 24 month total shows that after a 'hesistation' earlier this year, the current value (2209 mm) is amongst the top half-dozen of such values in this series, and with the predicted above-average rainfall for the rest of autumn and first-half of winter (speculative of course), we may be looking to exceed the outright 'record' [in this series] of 2455 mm reached in the 24 months to May 2014. A series for Heathrow (not shown) tells a similar story.


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