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BBC Weather Watchers go live

PostPosted: 2015 Nov 03, 20:15
by Richard_Griffith
You may have seen the item on BBC's One Show earlier this evening about a new crowd sourcing weather web site - I was one of those involved with the initial testing of the site and helped out at my local BBC Radio workshop a couple of weeks ago. It's easy to sign up and post reports - as many COL members have weather stations you can also add additional data such as temperature, wind, rainfall, pressure and Humidity.


Re: BBC Weather Watchers go live

PostPosted: 2015 Nov 04, 12:39
by Mike Brown
I would agree wholeheartedly with this. i too was fortunate to help with the preparations for this launch locally and it would be such a pity if was not made in to a success story. So very easy to sign up, probably one of the easiest I have ever come across and if those of us with weather stations already can lead the way then we may may be able to get lots more of the general public to join in .
Granted there are flaws in the scheme at the moment, the lack of a Forum and the showing of data on the map with only two time options. but it can and will change with use.


PS You also get a free badge as well!!!!

Re: BBC Weather Watchers go live

PostPosted: 2015 Nov 04, 14:43
by Richard Hunt
I signed up this morning, I hope they will let barometer readings be entered to at least a decimal place, also it would be good to have the ability to add more data.

I agree its the easiest to sign up to, only took a few minutes.

Re: BBC Weather Watchers go live

PostPosted: 2015 Nov 05, 09:32
by Martin Rowley
... I'll reserve judgement: put off right from the start because the data base wouldn't let me specify 'West Moors' as my location - only resolved to the nearest 'postal' town which is Ferndown - and which is a large community to the south - we have nearly 8000 people living here, yet my first report is plotted way to the south with 'West Moors' left high and dry without (apparently) any report: needs work.


Re: BBC Weather Watchers go live

PostPosted: 2015 Nov 05, 13:20
by Graham Easterling
Can't say I'm impressed, there seem so many better alternative places for weather observations.

Say for example, not not mention all the AWs reports. Within a few miles of me I've got ... ge_Pro.htm

The WEB's full of current weather, satellite imagery, rainfall radar, not to mention webcams (if like me you want to check conditions on a particular beach) etc. etc.

. . and some good specialist sites, such as the great MagicSeaweed, (not just model output, but still with local knowledge input)

It's all bit too twitter for me.

Re: BBC Weather Watchers go live

PostPosted: 2015 Nov 06, 10:32
by Darren Rogers
First impressions were mixed - I would sum it up as 'Nice idea, but doesn't really work'.

I think the problem will be that there is too much generalised info' on there and working out what is the good stuff from the chafe will be too time consuming.
when I looked for Cumbria and posted my details there was just about every weather icon on the map - so was it raining, clear, sunny, etc, etc - might as well just look out the window.

Just one other thought: would this have happened regardless of whether the Met'O had kept the BBC contract?