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November 2015 - Exceptionally dull 1st - 15th

PostPosted: 2015 Nov 15, 16:09
by Nick Gardner
This November so far has defied the normally quite sunny climate here along the south coast of Devon. So far this month I have recorded just 13.7 hours of sunshine. There is no previous equivalent first or second half of any month that comes anywhere near this low level of sunshine but the dullest 15-day period I have ever recorded was the post-cold period of the 27th December to the 10th January 2011 when I recorded only 12.0 hours of sunshine.

To be the dullest of any month recorded since I started recording sunshine in 2006, this month will need to have less than 53.4 hours (February 2011).

Whilst it has been a very dull month so far, it has been a warm one with many nights as warm as you would expect in the summer. The warmest this month to date was last night (15th) with a minimum temperature of 14.4C though many nights have come close to this.

Despite all the cloud and the ever present 'Devon' drizzle, the rainfall for this month has been around average.

November 1st - 15th:
Mean minimum = 9.8°C
Mean maximum = 14.8°C
Mean = 12.3°C
Rainfall = 42.9 mm.
No air or grass frosts.

Re: November 2015 - Exceptionally dull 1st - 15th

PostPosted: 2015 Dec 03, 20:00
by Nick Gardner
There was a slight recovery in sunshine levels during the 2nd half of the month but it still did not stop November 2015 ending up the dullest of any month I have recorded since before 2006 with just 49.1 hours.

That is an eye-wateringly poor 18% of the total sunshine possible. A average 'dull' month in the autumn/winter period would record around 30% (75 hours for November) so November 2015 was rather unusual to say the least.

November 2015 recorded less than half the sunshine of last November!
2015 = 49.1 hours
2014 = 100.2 hours
2013 = 101.6 hours
2012 = 93.8 hours
2011 = 87.6 hours
2010 = 107.5 hours
2009 = 87.4 hours
2008 = 74.1 hours
2007 = 90.3 hours.