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2015 - A 'Dry' Year?

PostPosted: 2015 Nov 29, 19:23
by Nick Gardner
This November is likely to end up drier than normal with 65 mm to date (29th). This will make it the 8th month this year with rainfall below my estimated LTA. November is normally one of the wetter months of the year.

Given that the summer was a very wet one with rainfall in July and August well above the average (150% & 270% respectively), this year surprisingly may end up significantly drier than normal. Yearly rainfall to the 29th November stands at 664 mm and if December follows the same 'drier than normal' pattern then this will end up being one of the drier years since I started recording rainfall in 2005.

3 'driest' years of the last 11 years.
2011 = 712 mm
2006 = 720 mm
2010 = 742 mm.