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Autumn 2015 - 'Warm, dry and sunny'

PostPosted: 2015 Dec 04, 20:08
by Nick Gardner
Despite a cool September (mean temperature = 14.0°C) and a dull November with just 49.1 hours of sunshine, this autumn ended up warmer, sunnier and drier than my estimated long term average:

Mean minimum = 8.6°C
Mean maximum = 16.3°C
Mean = 12.5°C
Rainfall = 175.2 mm
Sunshine = 409.0 hours.

Each month made a big contribution to the following:
The warm autumn was because of an extremely mild November.
The low autumn rainfall was due to an unsually dry October.
The sunny autumn was helped by a very sunny September.

My over-riding impression of this autumn is that is was one of the most benign and pleasant autumns I can remember.