Winter Index (Snow Survey of Wanstead, Greater London & sout

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Winter Index (Snow Survey of Wanstead, Greater London & sout

Postby Scott Whitehead » 2013 Dec 17, 10:50

Of interest to contributors in the Home Counties I have published a snow survey / winter index on my blog for my area in east London. It is inspired by the old Snow Survey of Great Britain which ceased publication after the 1991/92 season.

Further to a comment a few weeks back that people mostly remember a winter through the amount of days with snow lying I decided to use the data I produced for my winter forecast and try to find out what snow cover has been like in my area going back to 1946/47 - the first year of the original snow survey. I then divided the snow lying days by the winter mean to give the index. I realise there is the work of Bonacina to consider but as this is national I wanted to look more indepth

Not surprisingly the 62/63 season came out a long way ahead of the rest - mostly through the sheer sustained depth of the cold. There's also one or two surprises - strange how the memory can fool you.

It is a work in progress and I would welcome any input.
Scott Whitehead
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