Report of Ball Lightning, Western Isles, 15-16th Dec 2013

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Report of Ball Lightning, Western Isles, 15-16th Dec 2013

Postby Eddy Graham » 2013 Dec 17, 13:01

Hi Everyone

Greetings from Stornoway, Scotland - where we have been having some truly amazing weather over the past number of weeks (full details to follow in the COL December report).

However, this post relates to a report of ball lightning from the village of Habost, Lochs, Isle of Lewis, for last Sunday night (15th Dec) into the early hours of Monday 16th Dec. I have spoken to one of the witnesses on the phone this morning. Here is his account by email:

"Got caught out in a ball lightning storm near Habost church hall in South Lochs last night (15/12/2013). Amazing to hear and observe it as I hadn't expected any lightning despite the squally conditions. The rain started lightly as I was going over the bridge into Kershader at about 10 p.m. but it became heavy within 2 mins becoming horizontal and squally as I retreated to Habost church hall for shelter. I first heard the swish and clank sounds through the trees and, very suddenly, the street lights became more intense and died one after the other. Once back at the house, my wife mentioned that she had observed low intensity flashes from the front room which is 200 metres further West on the other side of the street and also in Habost (Post Code = HS2 9QB). The storm resumed again about 11:52 p.m. and I noticed moving orange spheres on Loch Erisort which were much less bright than normal lightning. I observed one of them in detail moving from West to East over the Loch towards the Kinloch churches near Laxay where it became an orange flash - this was noted on my laptop as 00:02 16/12/2013. I was relieved in the morning when my son confirmed that an acquaintance of his on the West Side had tweeted him about seeing ball lightning around the same time over there."

E. Graham, Stornoway, 17/12/2013
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