Perfect Bank Holiday weekend in the south-east

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Perfect Bank Holiday weekend in the south-east

Postby greg_gruner » 2014 May 05, 20:38

Never let it be said that it always rains on a Bank Holiday weekend! Maybe that statement reflects more on human psychology than meteorology; is the glass half full or half empty? I think the probability of rain is the same on a Bank Holiday as on any other day.
In any case, for the south-east, the three days of this Bank Holiday weekend have been perfect: dry, mostly sunny (totally clear on Saturday) with daytime highs in the 15-18C range. Even more noticeable, as these days have been sandwiched between a cool, wet spell ending on Friday, and more rain which is on the way for tonight.
I realise that this has not been the case for those further north and west.
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Re: Perfect Bank Holiday weekend in the south-east

Postby Richard Hunt » 2014 May 06, 08:09

Been nice up here on the Yorkshire coast too. Warm in the sun, but cooler in the breeze. Second warmest day of the year on Sunday, Lowish humidity during the day, and no rain until around 2300 UTC last night. Not a bad bank holiday, I hope spring bank/Whitsun weekend is the same.
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