Forecast for early winter?

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Forecast for early winter?

Postby Peter Wright » 2011 Oct 29, 10:16

Any suggestions for the next 4 weeks? Last year we were slap into a severe winter by the end of November. In the last 2 years we got frequent plunges of cold air from N, at many times of the year.

My thoughts are: We are tending to see high pressure to the S and E of us, with no threat of a cold plunge from the N. The long-range forecast, from the model that I look at, goes for a brief cold wave in mid-November, but not persisting. I suggest the worst that is possible is cool winds from the SE, or some anticyclonic weather which, at this time of year, will be cold, with fogs. But Atlantic low pressure systems are strong, and have been affecting especially NW Britain continuously for months, and I would expect these to continue to be the dominant type.
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