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Why no red alert?

PostPosted: 2012 Nov 23, 16:23
by Len Wood
We had a red alert for SW England at the beginning of July which went ahead of some serious flooding, but nothing worse than we are having at the moment.
And yet we have only had amber warnings in the last few days.
If anything the flooding is more extensive now than in July.

Perhaps there is not so much difference between 'Be Prepared' and 'Take Action'.

Re: Why no red alert?

PostPosted: 2012 Nov 23, 19:20
by Martin Rowley
... I think there's still enough doubt about the exact evolution of PPN and wind field that a 'Red', which is only supposed to be issued with high confidence, can't yet be justified. If I had to take a 'punt' on this one, I reckon it'll be issued at some stage overnight ready to catch the morning bulletins.