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April snow

PostPosted: 2013 Apr 21, 13:27
by Len Wood
With an Atlantic block forecast with attendant northerlies for the UK, is it beyond possibility that some are going to have more of the white stuff?
This brings back memories of the late April snow many experienced on 25 April 1981.
We even had snow in Plymouth, albeit short-lived, as is usual at this time of year.

There was some debate whether it was the result of a polar low.
It was not as simple as that but certainly the low responsible deepened as it moved over the UK.
The precipitation was of snow in the relatively deep cold northerly airflow. ... now-storm/

Re: April snow

PostPosted: 2013 Apr 21, 15:36
by Graham Easterling
I was in Wootton Bassett (it wasn't Royal then) at the time of the April '81 snow. We had several inches, though there was none at lower levels along the Thames valley. It was wet snow which caused some problems, we had no power for several hours. The maximum temperature that day was just 2C and the snow was very heavy for some hours.