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WANTED - new Forum Admin!

PostPosted: 2012 Mar 15, 19:30
by Stephen Burt
Help needed!

The sterling work of setting up this Forum to date has all been undertaken by Peter Wright. Having got it 'off the ground', Peter would like to hand over the daily reins to another member, and so we are now looking for one or more volunteers to take over as the site 'Admin'. Peter tells me there's very little work involved, less than an hour a week now that it's up-and-running. It does not require any particular software skills, and of course Peter can provide a handover (and will remain in the background for ongoing support if required).

The COL Forum is a strategic pillar for our future development as we seek to grow our Internet presence and attract younger members, and this represents an exciting opportunity for one or more members to influence its development, and therefore the future of COL. Can you spare the time to help out?

Interested, or like to know more? Then please contact me via the Forum's 'Private Message' facility, or via the e-mail address at the front of the monthly bulletin. Look forward to hearing from you!


This note will also appear in the upcoming monthly bulletin

Re: WANTED - new Forum Admin!

PostPosted: 2012 Mar 16, 22:25
by Admin
As things have developed, and the categories that were set up are working pretty well, I am happy to continue for a while, but there will be periods when I am unavailable so my request still stands, in the form of needing initially an understudy to take charge for spells, with a view to taking over in the middle future.