How much time?

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How much time?

Postby Mike Brown » 2011 Dec 08, 22:31

How much time do we spend on weather related things? Taking the readings, collating the data, re transmitting it to various places, studying the weather, looking at charts, maintain equipment, improving equipment, talking on forums........... The list could be endless. I would suggest that we would all say that there is not enough time to do all that we want. I suppose also linked to this would be how much money we spend on this interest of ours? Again probably not enough, but with even very simple AWS machines costing hundreds of pounds, and Davis machines the better part of £1000, plus computers, the cost soon mounts.
Whilst the money is probably irrelevant as it is for our own enjoyment, time is certainly a factor. For me, I must spend some three to four hours a day at least on the various tasks listed above. Being retired I can do, but I would dearly love to spend more time, so I can finish all the projects I have on the go.

Best wishes

Mike Brown
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Re: How much time?

Postby Steve Jackson » 2012 Feb 16, 12:53

Hi Mike

Like you, I must spend at least 3 hours a day on weather & climate related tasks, even though I am still full time as a teacher at Bablake - two hours of this is in the school day, so I am at my desk at 7-30am, much to my wife's chagrin - she teaches at Bablake too.

I have to work through break, lunch and free periods to finish data collaction and recording, and the work of forecasts and enquiries/research after scoll - we teach until 4pm, so we don't get home until late, by which time I catch up on weather news/Uk.sci/weather etc.

It's a 365 day a year hobby, though it makes weekends away and holidays a nightmare catching up afterwards; luckily the csholl pay for me to have access to the weather station wherever I am in the world, so even on Holiday, there is no respite!

As for costs, I am lucky that Bablake fund everything, with a budget of over £3000 a year - even the Met Office contribute in so many ways! I'm not sure the school will let me retire from BWS, even if i do give up my head of geography role - who else would take over?

Just thought I would share this with you - only my second psot on the COL forum; I never post anything personal of newsgroups, but am happy to share my thoughts here, amongst COL friends.

best wishes

Steve Jackson
Bablake Weather Station
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Steve Jackson
Bablake Weather Station
Coventry, UK
Steve Jackson
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