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System Announcements

PostPosted: 2011 Nov 30, 16:44
by Admin
This thread is for Admin's announcements about system features. There is another thread where you can post your questions and suggestions.


PostPosted: 2011 Nov 30, 17:47
by Admin
I have switched off Smilies because I hate those flashing ones, which are visible for the whole time you are composing a reply, and there doesn't seem any way of just deleting some of them.


PostPosted: 2011 Nov 30, 17:54
by Admin
I have set up the forum to show dates as : 2011 Nov 27, 20:22. This is what astronomers and most scientists use, and I think it is the most logical because, just like decimal numbers, it starts with the biggest measure and progresses to the smallest.

If you like to see a different format, you can change it for yourself so that, when you are logged in, it shows the date in whatever format you personally like. You do this from the User Control Panel, somewhere near the bottom. Like a lot of things in this software, you may find it very confusing and time-consuming.