Pruning of old posts

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Pruning of old posts

Postby Admin » 2012 Jul 31, 09:57

This software has a facility for pruning -- ie destroying -- posts that have been not looked at, or topics that have not been contributed to, for a specific number of days. In the maze of menus that this software involves, I thought I had set everything so that this did not occur. However, I have just found that one crucial setting appears in a different menu, and it has to be set for each forum separately, and it had been left in the ON position for some forums. From now, I believe, posts will not be auto-pruned. But I may well have missed something. So if you discover that any older posts have been pruned, please tell me.

We may at some stage decide to prune some forums after a certain length of time, to reduce clutter. But we will discuss these specifically then.
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