Testing subscribing(Eddie's question)

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Re: Testing subscribing(Eddie's question)

Postby Admin » 2013 Dec 28, 14:06

Eddie asked how to "subscribe" to a thread. I give the answer here for the benefit of others also.

I have done some detective work and testing.

If you are logged in and are looking at a thread without writing a new post, scroll down. On the bottom line is the words: "Subscribe topic" with a tick beside it. You might take this to mean: "You are subscribed to this topic". Actually, it means the exact opposite. But if you click it, you become subscribed, although it doesnt tell you so at that time. But later, if you look there, you will see an X next to "Unsubscribe topic" which means "You are currently subscribed to this topic".

If you are logged in and write a reply, BEFORE you submit your reply you can see one of the options below saying: "Notify me when a reply is posted". This means: tick this to subscribe to this topic". It's confusing that it uses a different set of words to mean the same thing, and you can only prove this by doing what I said in the last paragraph.

I hope this does what is needed.

Peter (Admin).
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